Terms and Conditions of participation in Worcestershire Open Studios 2023

Use of your personal data and images

Worcestershire Open Studios will hold your entry details to promote you as a Worcestershire Open Studios artist. To promote the event we may use images of your work online and in print.

As well as the image loaded for the main open studios event, we may also use images that you have loaded to your profile page. You must own the copyright to each image that you upload or have the express permission of the copyright holder (usually the photographer).

We may ask for a high resolution version of an image if needed. Credit will be given where possible but this often depends on the context in which the image is used and is not always feasible.

Our main method of contact will be via our email newsletter however we may use your contact name, telephone or email address if we need to contact you as an individual. Once the open studios event has finished you can easily unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking on the link at the bottom of each email.

We will remove your profile page, event details and any admin details from our records once the registration process for 2024 is complete. You can choose to have your details removed from the website prior to that if you wish, once the open studios event has finished.

To enable effective organisation of the event and to ensure its success, we may share your contact name and email address with other artists taking part in this current year for collaboration and contact purposes. We will not share your contact name and email address with any other third party without your express permission.

Terms and Conditions

By applying to participate in Worcestershire Open Studios, I confirm that:

  • I am over 18 and I live and/or practice my artwork within Worcestershire. We define Worcestershire as locations with a WR postcode or contain Worcestershire as part of their postal address.
  • I will actively promote the Worcestershire Open Studios event amongst my contacts, through my social media and in my locality so that all Worcestershire artists taking part in the event benefit.
  • I will mention Worcestershire Open Studios in any printed or online publicity about my participation in the event.
  • I will promote the event by distributing Worcestershire Opens Studios marketing materials and will only use supplied branded customisable templates for any independently produced promotional material.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure there is adequate road signage for my venue and that
  • I will comply with WOS guidelines and highways regulations. I will only use signage supplied by Worcestershire Opens Studios and these must correctly display any sponsor details. I will ensure that signage is only in place on the day (or evening before) my venue is open, and it will be removed for other days of the event when my venue is not open.
  • I will present both the venue where I am exhibiting and my work in a professional manner. I will treat visitors in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • I will only display my own work. Any other artist showing work at my venue during the open studios event will also be a registered participant in the event.
  • I will arrange for Public Liability Insurance to be in place at my venue for the duration of event.
  • I will stay open for the times that I have stated in my entry and as detailed in any printed literature and on the website.
  • I will comply with all national and local Covid-19 guidelines that may be in operation at the time of the event.
  • I understand that if it is necessary to cancel the event, through Covid or any other situation, the organisers cannot guarantee refunding all or part of my registration fee, although a partial refund will be made wherever possible after covering incurred costs. I accept that the organisers accept no liability for any of my costs or losses that I may occur if the event has to be cancelled.
  • I will use the resources provided to seek feedback from visitors, and I will give timely post-event feedback to the organisers using the form or survey provided.
  • I will comply with the aims of Worcestershire Open Studios as set out in its constitution.

11 April 2022