Terms and Conditions

From 2021, Worcestershire Open Studios (WOS) will offer participating artists a year round online platform to promote their work. Enrolment is open to all Worcestershire based visual artists.

  • Artists will need to sign up to become a ‘Worcestershire Open Studios Artist’ to take part in any open studio events or exhibitions run by WOS.
  • The running of the organisation shall be solely by the committee of organisers. An annual report will be produced which will be made available to artists.
  • Artists failing to abide by the purposes of the WOS constitution or the rules laid out for specific open studio events, may forfeit their participation in future WOS events at the discretion of the committee of organisers.

Established art groups
WOS will also consider applications from established art groups. The profile page on the WOS website should reflect the group’s work and activities as a whole, although individual group members’ work can be shown. Groups can also apply to take part in opt-in events provided that the majority of the group’s artists are represented and/or take part in the event.

Conditions of participation in Worcestershire Open Studios 2021

By applying to participate in Worcestershire Open Studios, I confirm that I commit to:

  • Providing high quality images and text which should not be overly commercial in nature. We reserve the right to amend or reject content if we feel that this is the case.
  • Actively promoting the site amongst my contacts and through my social media so that all Worcestershire artists on the site may benefit.
  • Mentioning Worcestershire Open Studios in any printed or online publicity about my participation in the initiative.
  • Complying with the aims of Worcestershire Open Studios as set out in its constitution, a copy of which is available upon request.

I confirm that I live and/or work in Worcestershire and am aged 18 or over.

Your profile page on the WOS website will be live until 28 Feb 2022. This is to enable us to potentially run spring and Easter events next year. If you choose not to renew by that date your web page will be removed from the site.