Introduction to Oil and Cold Wax 2 day Art Workshop

Cropthorne Village Hall, Cropthorne, Nr Pershore Worcestershire WR10 3LZ
Saturday, 5 October, 2024 to Sunday, 6 October, 2024
10am - 4pm
Oil & Cold Wax Art Workshop - Trees, Water and Refelctions

'Introduction to Oil and Cold Wax' is a 2 day workshop taking place on Sat 5th and Sun 6th October 2024, 10am-4pm at Cropthorne Village Hall, Cropthorne, Nr Pershore Worcestershire (WR10 3LZ).

Why use Cold Wax Medium? It's a fantastic medium which creates wonderful and surprising results when mixed with oil paint. It enables you to build up textural effects and layers as it increases transparency and workability and gives you great freedom of expression and potential for new discoveries!

DAY 1: This workshop will teach you how to mix the cold wax with oil paint to get the best results. How to organise your palette and premix your colours. What tools to use to apply the paint (and take it off!), tools and techniques for adding texture and interest. I'll also cover the main types of composition in landscape and seascape paintings, as we will be working from our imaginations in a semi-abstract fashion. We will work with a limited palette to begin with and play with applying the paint quickly, using different tools and techniques on wet paint; working on several paintings at the same time - and completing them. Using restricted time to create our masterpieces so we don't overwork them, keeping them fresh and full of dynamism. In this session we will also create some underlayers in preparation for our paintings in day two.

DAY 2: Using our prepared paintings from the previous day we will first look at some of the techniques and tools we can use on dry paint. We will be adding more colours to our palette choosing a warm or cool palette and doing some bigger paintings of semi-abstracted landscapes and seascapes. Finally we will look at and review all of the artworks we've produced using a checklist that can be used for all our paintings going forwards.

There will be handouts to take away and materials will be available.

Coffee and tea and biscuits provided throughout the day, please bring your own lunch.

Maximum of 10 people. Participants must be 18+

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