Ivan Maxwell Jones

Ivan Maxwell Jones — Painter

My passion for painting and my love of the natural world are intimately connected. I am particularly inspired by the colours, textures, patterns and atmosphere of the beautiful Malvern Hills, and I paint mainly from my home studio using the sketches and photographs that I have gathered in my frequent walks there.

Each painting is an individual voyage of discovery for me and I try to see my surroundings in fresh way, to evoke a sense of character in the landscape and wonder in the everyday; sometimes bringing a heightened ‘realism’, other times abstracting through colour, form and texture.

I try to bring energy, movement and drama into my work, which can be quite a vigorous physical process; by building up layers of paint using a palette knife, spattering, rubbing back, scratching and scraping to create a textural surface with depth and history. I love finding the sweet-spot between chaos and control; where mistakes become discoveries, and where the magic begins and a painting starts to emerge, from experimental creative play.