Jan Lennon (also known as Jiny)

Jan Lennon (also known as Jiny) — Painter

After joining Colart (an art materials manufacturer) in 2014 I quickly reconnected with my love of art and painting. Having given art up at 17, I found myself in my late 50’s once again becoming a passionate painter. As a long-term vegetarian and animal lover, I’m inspired to paint animals, predominantly using oils but I also use pastels and coloured pencils. I live near the River Severn and take much inspiration from the wildlife on my doorstep, I enjoy early morning walks soaking up the atmosphere and studying the colours and moods of the river and also love painting floral and still life. I’m a bit of a colour junkie and do find myself piling on strong, bold marks, merging and blending the boundaries and playing with the colours.

Happily I’m still a fulltime employee at Colart so painting is an out of hours hobby. I’m often painting early mornings or late at night and if I get absorbed by my subject, it can be hard to stop. I accept commissions and have been privileged to paint many dogs, cats and a few budgies over the last few years. I use Winsor & Newton products, manufactured by Colart.


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