Jess Pritchard

Jess Pritchard — Pencil Artist

I am a self taught, award winning artist and Derwent Brand Ambassador from the UK. From a young age I’ve had a passion for both art and the natural world which were fuelled by holidays in the beautiful Lake District.

I specialise in creating realistic wildlife artworks using both graphite and coloured pencils. I have exhibited my work up and down the UK and have collectors all over the world from as far as Australia. Through my art, I hope to bring the beauty of the natural world to the forefront of peoples minds and how essential it is to preserve it.

After gaining a University degree and a short career in Graphic Design, I realised this wasn’t the path for me so in 2016 dusted off my pencils and began my professional career. Since then I have won multiple awards such as the Derwent Pencil Award at the Wildlife Art Society International exhibition and Best In Show at the UK Coloured Pencil Society Keswick exhibition.

I am currently creating a series of artworks for my first solo exhibition titled ‘Confetti‘ which will be held at Worcester Cathedral on 27-30th August. Each piece in the series is a giant petal at either 100x100cm or 60x60cm drawn in pencil and set in a square of 10 hours, hand pressed 24 carat gold leaf. I began this series at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020 as all our worlds became much smaller but those small things we used to take for granted became large and significant to us such as spending time in the countryside. Every petal is named after a personality trait each of us may have. As we weren’t allowed to meet friends and family within our circle it made me realise that we all have certain traits that bring the group together as a whole, without each petal the flower cannot exist.