Les Rucinski

Les Rucinski — Ceramicist

I have been using clay since 1968 to express ideas whether it be for function or other. About fifteen years ago I lost interest in clay and began investigating various other materials and sculptural ideas. We moved into the Malvern Hills three years ago. I discovered that there was lots of clay in the garden. I then felt that I had to do something with it so my present interest was born. None of my work uses more than three pounds of clay and most of it is less than two pounds in weight. It is all to do with the “Dining Table” I am very much inspired by the Deco Period and simplicity of form. As I am very familiar with most ceramic processes I employ whichever suits the item best therefore a lot of my new work is cast where the design and manufacturing process is all my own work. I also throw items as well as hand build where the design requires it. Not all the work is made from local clay as I encountered difficulties in maintaining consistency so unfortunately had to resort to buying in both clay and casting slip. This has not deterred me from continuing my renewed interest in Ceramics.