Louise Hancox

Louise Hancox — Textile artist

From my small studio, at home, in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside, I design and create original textile paintings, 3D vessels and home accessories. Much of my work is inspired by the flora and fauna on my doorstep and the changing landscape across our beautiful British Isles.

I have been working with textiles since 2015, starting out making cushions and other home accessories, which I initially took to craft fairs. Since then, I have been developing my love of art, through textiles, currently exploring the use of wool through felting. I particularly love to work with wet felting techniques and whilst I am naturally creative, I am totally self-taught. Combining felting techniques with appliqué and embroidery, it has been suggested that my work mimics oil painting, and a closer inspection reveals the depth, texture and rich tones created through my use of wool, silks and other special effect fibres. It’s certainly true that I love colour and texture, but I am also excited by the hands-on approach to my craft, manipulating natural fibres and fabrics into pieces of art.
More recently, I have been exploring natural plant dyeing techniques and have begun to incorporate some of my own hand dyed fibres and fabrics into my work. In addition, I have begun creating wearable pieces of art in the form of hand dyed, and eco printed silk scarves, using locally foraged botanical materials.

I carry my camera everywhere and I take hundreds of photographs which help to capture ideas and inform my work. Photography is a powerful tool and can often evoke a memory or provoke a strong wave of emotion. I rarely seek to reproduce my photographic images, but instead, I hope to produce a sense of a space, an impression of a fleeting moment or a combination of their elements to create something new.

Hoping to inspire others to enjoy the therapeutic nature of felting, I have created a range of needle felting kits which are available to purchase, alongside my artworks at The British Craft House.

Beyond lockdown, I hope to offer a range of workshops designed to enable others to explore their creativity and to learn something new.

I am a member of the International Feltmakers Association and I am a supporter of The Campaign for Wool.


An Insight into the Making of a Wet Felt Painting