Mary Brittain

Mary Brittain — Painter and sculptor

Painting and gardening have long been my twin passions and having recently retired from a career in journalism I am now much freer to pursue them both. This is my first foray into the arena of the Open Studio and I am much looking forward to welcoming visitors and showing them my work.

My studio has a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass door which opens out into a sheltered, courtyard-garden brimming with foliage and pots. It is here that I find much of the inspiration for my work and here, weather and Covid permitting, that visitors to my studio will be able to sit and hopefully enjoy refreshments. People are also free to view the rest of the garden which includes a large pond and well-stocked flowerbeds.

I paint in a range of media including oil and acrylic paints, soft pastels and wax pastels. I also love to create mixed-media pieces and frequently include elements of scrap paper and torn-up sketches and drawings to create elaborate collages. I also enjoy painting animals and have recently been much taken by the herd of English long-horn cattle which live in the fields surrounding my studio.

My work is generally large and extremely colourful and I am striving constantly to try to capture the exuberance of nature and its extraordinary variety of textures and hues.

I have also, relatively recently, taken up sculpture and here I try and capture the essence of another great great love of my life – domestic animals. Like my paintings, my sculpture is generally quite large. I make models in clay and then have them cast into a bronze or other resin.

However, my greatest pleasure comes from painting gardens. I have undertaken a number of commissions to capture the gardens of clients. A painting is a great memento for those who are perhaps ‘down-sizing’ and leaving a much-loved garden behind them. Do please contact me if you would like to know more.