Penny Vere

Penny Vere — Painter

I have worked as a professional musician all my life, but art has always been a passion. It was not until a temporary move to Glasgow gave me time and space to develop my painting, attending inspirational classes at Glasgow School of Art and, on my return to Malvern, Hereford College of Arts. Since then, music and art have been equally important to me.

I paint in acrylics and oils, loving the flexibility of acrylics but also the richness and subtlety of oils. I love to sketch in pen and ink….my sketchbook is always with me on my travels and is the starting point for most of my paintings, landscapes close to home but also in the Mediterranean countries I love, especially Greece. I aim to catch those warm colours and sudden effects of light, to fill my paintings with the atmosphere and memories of those places I love.