Richard Nicholls

Richard Nicholls — Artist and photographer

My work is driven by shape and form. The composition and aesthetic of the work — along with pattern, rhythm and texture — is key, regardless of the medium in which it is made.

I am often working on a number of projects at once, producing a series of work over time; usually over several months. Projects start with a concept or an idea and evolve naturally as the thinking and reflection process occurs. I enjoy the way that ideas lead on from each other and sometimes, in spite of all the planning and preconceptions, new avenues of work can emerge quite by chance through experimentation.

I have a background in coding software and, in more recent years, graphic design — both creative in their own way but quite logical, structured and disciplined in their output. This approach and methodology comes through in my artwork I think — the planning, composition and execution of my work can be quite precise. However, I delight and embrace the unpredictability and elements of chance that invariably happen whilst in the making process. It is those serendipitous moments that keeps me moving forward, exploring and experimenting — that is what makes the journey of making art exciting. For me, art is as much the process itself as the final artwork; the finished piece acts as a pause in the process which documents the end of one stage and allows me to start the next, whatever form that might take.

I document my progress through my Studio Journal — a visual art studio diary of what I’m currently working on. I also run photography workshops from my studio.

I enjoy collaborating with other artists on creative projects. Recent work has been exhibited at the ESPY Photographic Award, the Kickplate Project’s 2020 Valleys’ Exhibition and more locally, as part of the Outdoor Art Gallery with work shown using empty shop windows in Worcester city centre. I have exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and show my work as part of Worcestershire Open Studios of which I am a founder member and organiser.

I work from a studio space at Bevere Gallery on the outskirts of Worcester. My studio is open for visitors to see where and how I work, and to view both works in progress and completed artwork. Contact me to arrange a visit.

Richard Nicholls
07906 275811