Richard Nicholls

Richard Nicholls — Artist and photographer

I make abstract acrylic paintings composed of colour and texture, and fine art photographs inspired by the natural world. The shapes and patterns of my compositions are influenced by my background in graphic design.

I’ve been a photographer in one guise or another for most of my life, my foray into painting is more recent. Photography for me has rarely just been about the literal image; a picture has to be part of a larger body of work which has a theme or concept. Painting allows me to step away from that need for meaning to be able to create artwork based more on the aesthetic; the colours and pattern, and on how these interact with each other. I enjoy the way that the final piece can turn out quite differently to how it was envisaged; those often unconscious decisions and pieces of luck along the way that can change the outcome.

I also enjoy producing work collaboratively. Artist Anne Guest and I have worked together for several years on photographic projects that explore ideas surrounding environment, space and human existence in the modern age. It may sound a bit deep, and we go off on some wild tangents at times, but is a great way of researching and producing work in areas that we both wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Recent work has been exhibited at the ESPY Photographic Award and the Kickplate Project’s 2020 Valleys’ Exhibition.

I work from a studio space at Yew Trees Artist Studios at Bevere Gallery on the outskirts of Worcester. My studio is open to the public along with a small shared gallery and visitors are always welcome.