Richard Nicholls

Richard Nicholls — Photographer

My work is observational in nature and depicts the ordinary and everyday, presented to give a view that others may not have noticed, or simply discounted.

I’ve always been attracted by shapes and patterns. It might be a simple curve, a reflection, or the way that the light happens to fall on an object that makes me want to photograph it. Although that initial attraction is sometimes reason itself for producing an image, I am more often than not looking for something else, something beyond a simple representation of the object. I like to create pictures which can be linked, have a thread of commonality or which tell a story.

To this end I tend to work in series rather than produce standalone images – the work can be linked by subject matter, the presentation of the images, or both. Projects can take anything from a few hours or be spread out over months or even years.

The work shown here is from a project titled ‘art forms in plants’ – the images were inspired by Blossfeldt’s 1928 published work ‘Urformen der Kunst’. This series shows simple, strongly composed images that highlight the shape and form of plants and vegetation.

I also enjoy producing work collaboratively. Artist Anne Guest and I have worked together for several years on photographic projects that explore ideas surrounding environment, space and human existence in the modern age. It may sound a bit deep, and we go off on some wild tangents at times, but is a great way of researching and producing work in areas that we both wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Links to our website and Instagram account are also listed below.