Roger Ricketts

Roger Ricketts — Mixed media

My name is Roger Ricketts and I was born in Wolverhampton in 1947. My love of art started from childhood. I would enjoy experimenting with different colours and shading. By my twenties, I was painting ‘stills’, which included fruit, bottles and animals. When I became a father in my thirties, my art took a back seat, but I would never lose my passion for it and in my forties, I picked up the brush once again when I was inspired after visiting a famous Scottish castle.

After moving to Redditch and finally retiring from my day job in my sixties, I started to experiment with different styles of painting including new scenes and landscapes – mountains, boats and the ocean. Recently, I have begun to use resin in my works, which I feel gives my art greater depth, allowing me to elaborate my designs even more by being able to add layers which bring it to life and create a 3D effect.

The art that I now create is broad and I enjoy painting different topics. I have no fear when trying something new – over the years, I have used many different mediums from oils to pebeo to resins. My grandson has designed and created a website for me, where I can display my artwork for people to browse online.

I have also recently started making coasters and keyrings from resin, which I display and sell along with my paintings in local exhibitions throughout the year. I am hopeful to continue experimenting with different types of art for many years to come, from my home “studio” in Redditch.

To get in touch, you can email me at or visit to make an enquiry.

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