Sally Anne Morgan

Sally Anne Morgan — Printer and pastellist

I create art when I am moved by what I see before me – usually the cut of the landscape; a particular light; an event and/or something that sums up a mood.  When making art I use two different media – printing and pastels – both are quite opposite in their application.  Printing requires an element of planning and precision whereas my pastel style is freer and impressionistic.

I’ll explain firstly the printing methods I use and there are three different processes I favour. The predominant method I use is the block printing reduction method.  I hand carve lino; cutting, inking and printing layer upon layer of colour onto an edition of hand made prints: as the print develops the lino reduces. I will post videos here soon so that this can be understood more clearly. The second method of printing I enjoy is called dry-point etching where a sharp tool is used to draw onto metal of plastic. In this method the ink sinks into the cuts, unlike the reduction printing where it stays on the surface – I feel another video is needed! And, the final method of printing is to design and hand cut blocks for use in printing unique fabric, which I sell as small lengths and/or make into bags, purses etc.

My pastel work is freer and more impressionistic. I normally work on pastel mat or mount-board applying a pastel ground and/or a wash of watercolour. I use Unison soft pastels and, for detail, pastel pencils. Currently I am working on a series of ‘Glimpses of Worcestershire’ – each capturing the essence of a small part of the county.

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