Sylvie Millen

Sylvie Millen — Textile Artist

I am a mixed media textile artist, working with mostly machine embroidery to create images of the natural world. I have developed my own unique style of stitched art, drawing my inspiration from nature and the beautiful Worcestershire countryside around me. I am a member of The Society for Embroidered Work which promotes and supports the best in stitched art worldwide.
My inspiration mainly comes from the places I visit and the effects that the changing light and shadows influence the images and mood of a subject, often going with a feeling of anything in nature that sparks my imagination and inspires me to turn it into stitched art. Recording images with a photograph or a quick sketch capturing ‘a moment in time’ that may otherwise be overlooked.
I use a variety of techniques, combining the dyeing of fabric, with recycled materials and often distressing and fraying to reveal the fibres and threads, which in return give my art a multi layered and highly textured appearance.
I am very experimental and enjoy the challenge of discovering new ways to work with textiles. Currently I am working on encapsulating the the finer details of countryside plants, using machine stitching into soluble fabric, which is dissolved to reveal fine semi translucent image.