The Lost Woodsman

The Lost Woodsman — Wood carver

8 years ago I was lucky to acquire a 4 acre plot of woodland near Abberley. With the help of volunteers I have been managing this woodland as a hobby ever since and learning green woodworking skills as I go along. A lot of the sustainably cut wood is used as firewood, but select pieces such as wild cherry, beach, sycamore and ash are saved to craft with, both in the woods and at my workshop in my garden in central Worcester. I mainly use traditional hand tools, if I do use power tools the energy comes from solar panels, which also fuel my electric car for transportation. I would like to think all of my craft is both carbon and pollution free.

I started by making rustic furniture, but during the 2020 lock down I concentrated on small animal carvings to leave in the parks for people to find. This project helped keep me busy and it also took off after it was picked up by the local paper and radio station. I left them in the name of ‘the lost woodsman’ and I think the mystery of the project helped it to gain popularity. During these lock downs I left over 300 carvings and also over 300 tomato plant seedlings.

There was also a message attached saying ‘Helping to spread the message to please try and live lightly on the planet’ or ‘If we can all start to grow some food that’s one of many steps we can take’ Many people messaged me to ask if they could purchase one of the carvings, and so this year I would like to start selling them from my garden/workshop to raise money for environmental charities.