Artists’ guide to promoting your participation in WOS

Church, parish, village newsletters

Deadlines will be coming up very soon. Ask whether you can put a short article into your local print publication. A template article provided to artists for your use is available as a download at the bottom of this page.
If you’ve missed the print copy deadline, ask if they do regular email updates or have a place for community events on their website and if you could be included.
If you’re exhibiting at a public place like a gallery or village hall, ask the committee if they can post something on their noticeboards, social media pages and send an email to their subscribers.

Local noticeboards

Are there noticeboards near to you where you could advertise your open studio, church noticeboards, supermarket, local shops etc. Could you put a poster up in your own front window, car window or on your gate to alert passers-by to your event?

Email list

Do you have a list of subscribers that you regularly email? Don’t forget to let them know in good time about your open studio. You may want to do a series of emails increasing in frequency as you near the event, showing visitors what they can expect and any behind the scenes pictures as you get ready.

Worcestershire Open Studios social media

• Make sure you follow WOS on any social media channels you use – we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
• Like our posts, comment on them and share them to your page to show people you’re part of something big!
• Tag us in your posts and use #worcestershireopenstudios

Your own social media

Social media can reach a lot of people. Try to post regularly in the run up to the event, at least once a week but possibly two or three times a week for the month leading up to when you open. Don’t be shy about asking people to share your posts to get the word out about your open studio and if you tag us in we may even share some of your posts.
Some ideas of things to post about:
• Are you creating new work for open studios? Take photographs of your work in progress or even create a short video.
• Are you tidying up your studio space or garden in anticipation of open studios? Show people where they will be seeing your work,
• Will you be creating something during open studios or have sketch books on display? Let people know what to expect.
• If you’re going to let people have the chance to try something in your studio give them a preview.
• If you have other artists in your area taking part mention them. Let people know that they can visit you and then go on to another artist (don’t forget to tag them in the post).
• Are you taking delivery of prints or art supplies, take a photo or video of them arriving and you unpacking them, people love to see behind the scenes.
• On Facebook and Twitter post the link to your profile on the WOS website. If you use Instagram you could add it to your bio using Linktree or something similar.
• Use countdowns to when you are open eg one month to go, one week, one day. Use the event countdown on Instagram.
• Do you have comments from previous visitors – can you share them without the names if you don’t have permission from the visitor.

Video and Instagram reels for social media

Video in most cases works better on social media than just an image, Instagram reels have been found to be more effective, so post your video as a reel on Instagram where possible (must be less than 60 seconds) Videos don’t have to be of professional standard, people love to see behind the scenes and work in progress.
Some video ideas that you could use on social or maybe created as a reel with music:
• Before and after of your studio set up - maybe even do a time-lapse video of you setting up your studio.
• A tour of how to find you – could be speeded up from the main road to where to park to your studio.
• Studio tour, show then what’s on offer when they visit.
• If you do live demos during the day ask someone to video it for you.
• Consider doing a Facebook or Instagram Live. Again, this doesn’t have to be professional quality: just use your phone, introduce yourself, tell everyone you’re open for visitors, and let them know where you are and then maybe doing a quick tour of your studio.
• You could ask some of your visitors If they’d mind being featured in a video saying what they thought – you’ll have to judge suitable ‘volunteers’ for this
• Video at the end of the day summarising what’s happened during the day, your highlights, remind people when you are next open

During the event

Don’t forget to keep up with social media during the event even if it’s just a couple of posts or Instagram stories.
Some things you could post about:
• Show your studio/space set up and ready to receive visitors. Remind people of your opening times.
• Show a few visitors browsing, we suggest using a notice on entry that lets visitors know they may be filmed/photographed and to let you know if they don’t want to be filmed, draft template available.
• Show people what you’ve got for sale, in addition to your artwork, like cards, mugs, cushions etc.
• Take a short video of where to park and how to get to your studio if it isn’t easy to find you, do a video even if you are easy to find or use photos to help people know where you are
• Pictures of the Worcestershire Open Studios board up outside your house
• Reminder posts of when you are open, daily posts of your opening times

Facebook groups

If you use Facebook join local Facebook groups, e.g. a group dedicated to your area, village or your street or to a local interest group, like a knit and natter group. You may have to join the groups from your personal account and share the post from your business page, not all groups allow businesses to join. Let people in the group know that you’ll be taking part in Worcestershire Open Studios by creating a post with a striking image. Invite people to come along to your open studio, share detail in your post on what they can see in your Open Studio let. If you aren’t sure if it’s appropriate to post in the group, ask the admin first. You could also share some of the Open Studios posts in the local groups, tell them you’re taking part, when you are open and where you are.

WOS leaflets

Once you’ve got your leaflets, take them along with wherever you’re go, whether it’s to your yoga class, favourite coffee shop or to your book club. Give everyone a copy and ask if you can leave a small pile there, if it’s in a public space. Don’t forget to give some to family and friends for them to share for you too.

Logo use

On any of your own promotional materials please use the ‘I’m taking part' logo.
June 2022