Sarah Greening

Sarah Greening — Glass artist

I come from a science background and love experimenting with the versatility of glass in its many forms. Playing with chemical reactions to produce unusual effects is great fun but I do take a lot of consideration over colour combinations and aesthetics – obviously I want customers to enjoy wearing the resulting jewellery!

Fused glass involves cutting pieces of coloured glass, layering, sometimes adding inclusions between the layers, and firing the glass ‘sandwiches’ in a kiln (mine is a ceramic kiln which has its own interesting foibles!) which goes up to approximately 800C then gradually cools through an annealing phase. I do make some larger pieces of fused glass but my focus is on jewellery and I try to concentrate on a few main styles otherwise my online shop and stands at fairs would get too cluttered but I love the challenge of commissions too.

More recently, I have been getting excited by enamelling – this involves sifting powdered glass onto copper shapes and firing in a very hot tiny kiln for just a couple of minutes before adding the next layer of powder. It is fascinating to see the very immediate effects and to be able to blend colours and produce more textural pieces of jewellery.

I enjoy sharing my passion for glass and run glass fusing classes at home in Worcester for between 1 and 6 people and I also take my classes out to other venues for larger groups. In the classes, learners get full access to glass in all its formats and many types of inclusions to play with – they have a choice of making sun-catchers, coasters, decorations and jewellery and there are plenty of examples for inspiration. With Chris, we also offer a combined pottery and glass course for a half- or whole-day for those who want to try both crafts.

Details of events we are at and our online shops are on my website:

Making my unique fused glass jewellery